How to play

Use the arrow keys to move. Press space to advance dialogues and to attack.

Explore the consequences of your actions as the villain (there are eight different conclusions to the story.)

Additional information

This is my entry for Ludum Dare #25, which had the theme "You are the villain." I started brainstorming about the theme and eventually started thinking about what defines a villain. Generally, a villain purposefully practices evil actions (which in turn might depend on a specific moral code.) Some say that such villains only exist in fiction: people make choices based on their needs and desires, not for the sake of "evil." This made me turn to the role of villains in fiction, and my references were the narrative functions of Vladimir Propp (or rather, what little I know about the subject.) In Propp's functions, the villain often causes the hero to move forward, and it is the confrontation with the villain that leads to the transformation of the hero. So I decided to make this little game/interactive narrative that can be changed based on your actions as the villain.