I perform and supervise research on digital games at the Interactive Technologies Laboratory, and I have been doing research on games since 2001. Currently, my two research interests are user experience in games and generative game design. The former includes assessment of user experience in games with novel interactive technologies, and the role of user experience in games for health and education. The latter includes adaptative techniques applied to games, as well as generative design methods applied to games.

Current supervised research

Adaptive narratives in educational games based on Petri nets (Henrique Dezani post-doctoral researcher.)

Conversion of material games and puzzles used to teach logic and math to digital form (Lucy Tabuti, PhD student.)

An adaptive game to teach physics to engineering undergraduate students (Jessica Pituba, masters student.)

Mobile-based physical therapy games for users with special needs (Caio Barbirato, masters student.)

Previous supervised research

A method for gesture vocabulary elicitation for mutitouch-based applications (Marylia Gutierrez, masters degree)

MiTable - a framework for touch-based interfaces (Mauricio Cirelli, masters degree)

Ubiqos - a framework for games with distributed interfaces (Pedro Kayatt, masters degree)

List of publications

CurrĂ­culo Lattes (in Portuguese)

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