I have been a lecturer for almost 10 years. I am an assistant professor ("Professor Doutor") at the Universidade de São Paulo since 2009, and before that, I worked at two private institutions. Currently, I teach in undergraduate courses of Computer Engineering and Design. I also believe in the use of game jams to teach project competencies, and to foster interdisciplinarity. I have organized a Global Game Jam site at the Universidade de São Paulo since 2013.

Game programming and design

Since 2009, I lecture to engineering and design students about Game Programming and Design (as an optional course.) During one semester, we discuss concepts of game design and production, and work with the creation of board games and digital games.

Game jams for fun and learning

Game jams can be used as a counterpart to other project-based learning techniques, in order to motivate students, as well as develop communication and other project-related skills. Since 2013 I organize a Global Game Jam site open to university students and the general public. I have also organized a workshop along with Bruno Campagnolo de Paula about the rapid development of game prototypes.

Graduation project supervision

I have supervised a number of graduation projects, of undergraduate students from Computer Engineering and Design programs, related to human-computer interfaces, interactive technologies and game development. Some of them are:

  • Alt+Ego (2016) - a digital game about truth and trust in the digital space. (Marina Novaes, Design)
  • Development of a game with emotion-based character behaviors (2016) (Pedro Martinez and Vinicius Adaime, Computer Engineering)
  • Natureco (2016) - a board game for small children to be used as a teaching tool. (Natasha Higa, Design)
  • Virtual reality applied to the development of logical reasoning competencies and skills in children (2016) (Gianfranco Pennacchi and Vinicius Menézio, Computer Engineering)
  • Customizable female characters in video games (2015) (Mariana Izukawa, Design)
  • Interactive narratives in space (2014) (Bruno Viana, Design)
  • Exploratory study about the use of programming in generative design (2014) (Anderson Vieira, Design)
  • Raiders of the Ruby Chest (2013) - a digital game about the player experience of exploration. (Pedro Câmara, Design)
  • Documentation practices in game projects (2012) (Carina Missae da Costa, Design)